Illumina NovaSeq 6000

The NovaSeq 6000 System is the latest high throughput sequencing instrument released by Illumina. With up to 6Tb of data and 20 Billion paired-end reads made possible by the Illumina NovaSeq…the possibilities are endless. Not only does the NovaSeq increase our data output capabilities, but it is also incredibly cost effective. What was once unthinkable for many research groups can now become commonplace. From whole genome sequencing to high-coverage exome sequencing and even cancer-related variant detection, the Illumina NovaSeq has the power and affordability to make all of this possible.

While previous sequencing instruments such as the HiSeq X or HiSeq 4000 may have been limited to large studies or whole genome and exome sequencing applications, this is not the case with the NovaSeq 6000. The NovaSeq is one of the most flexible and scalable instruments currently available. By utilizing four different run types, we are able to provide our customers the necessary flexibility to sequence smaller bacterial genome projects just as easily as we can sequence whole human genome studies, and all for an affordable price.







Sequencing Output Per Flow Cell      
NovaSeq 6000 System
Flow Cell Type SP S1 S2 S4
2 × 50 bp 65–80 Gb 134–167 Gb 333–417 Gb N/A 
2 × 100 bp N/A  266–333 Gb 667–833 Gb 1600–2000 Gb
2 × 150 bp 200–250 Gb 400–500 Gb 1000–1250 Gb 2400–3000 Gb
2 x 250 bp 325-400 Gb N/A N/A N/A
Reads Passing Filter Per Flow Cell      
NovaSeq 6000 System
Flow Cell Type SP S1 S2 S4
Single-end Reads 650–800 M 1.3–1.6 B 3.3 B–4.1 B 8-10 B
Paired-end Reads 1.3–1.6 B 2.6–3.2 B 6.6–8.2 B 16–20 B
Estimated Sample Throughput for Key Applications     
NovaSeq 6000 System
Flow Cell Type SP  S1 S2 S4
Human Genomes per Run ~4 ~8 ~20 ~48
Exomes per Run ~40 ~80 ~200 ~500
Transcriptomes per Run ~32 ~64 ~164 ~400
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