Ion AmpliSeq

Sequencing Services

As NGS manufacturers continue to grow, improve, and expand their expertise in the field of genomics, so do we! One specific area of growth we are particularly excited about is the offering of Ion AmpliSeq NGS panels by Thermo Fisher. With the addition of the Ion S5 XL system to our sequencing portfolio, your very own custom gene panel is only a few clicks away. No matter what your field of research may be:

  • Gene Expression
  • Cancer Research
  • Inherited Disease Research
  • Human Identification

there is a gene panel waiting for you, and if there's not, we'll help design one for you. That's right! Your research question no longer has to revolve around the availability of ready made kits. While ready made kits do make life a lot easier, we understand that no research question is the same and sometimes you have put on the hat of researcher and developer. Let us collaborate with you on your next custom gene panel. With the Ion AmpliSeq designer, we can assist you in targeting genes from:

  • Human
  • Mouse
  • Cow
  • Chicken
  • Pig
  • Sheep
  • Maize
  • Rice
  • Soybean
  • Tomato

or even your very own reference genome. With the Ion AmpliSeq panels combined with the extended read length and increased data generation of the Ion S5 XL system, the research possibilities are seemingly endless. Please feel free to contact us to see how your research question can be investigated with your very own Ion AmpliSeq gene panel.


Most Popular AmpliSeq Panels:

  • Ion AmpliSeq™ Cancer Hotspot Panel v2
  • Ion Torrent™ Oncomine™ Focus Assay
  • Ion Torrent™ Oncomine™ Comprehensive Assay v3
  • Ion Torrent™ Oncomine™ Lung cfDNA Assay
  • Ion Torrent™ Oncomine™ Immune Response Research Assay
  • Ion Total RNA-Seq Kit v2
  • Ion AmpliSeq™ Transcriptome Human Gene Expression Kit
  • Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome RDY Panel
  • Ion AmpliSeq™ Pharmacogenomics Research Panel (40 genes)*
  • Ion AmpliSeq™ On-Demand Panel (up to 300 genes)
  • Ion ReproSeq™ PGS on Ion S5™ System
  • Ion AmpliSeq™ TB Research Panel
  • Ion AmpliSeq™ Ebola Research Panel